Sunday, July 6, 2008

Flag Day!

Well, its still pretty windy! Just as well really, as it has been yet another of the national flags days that Finland have. Oh-so proud of their flag - it gets hoisted up at every opportunity! :D (The total opposite to the UK where the flying of a flag is received with scorn sadly!)

July 6th is Runon ja Suven Päivä, a celebration of both Poetry and Summer. It also commemorates the birthday of a much loved Finnish poet Eino Leino. (July 6th 1878 - January 10th 1926) Considered as one of the pioneers of Finnish poetry. His style is said to be similar to the famous Finnish Kalevala with nature, love, and despair as the frequent theme. He is still popular and much read, even today.

The flags are everywhere! Virtually every street has at least one flag pole...if not more. I can see two from my house. In town there are several flying.... but then they fight against the other flags.. because the supermarkets and lots of shops fly flags as standard advertising! I love it! So unusual to me! I think we have a secret flag fairy I never see them go up...and never see them go down again! Honestly though, each area does have a designated flag representative, whose job it is!

I had to deliver one of my 8 week old kittens to its new home today (boo hoo) and this flag was seen outside their home.....the last kitten out of the four..leaves us on thursday!

Although this is a little dark.. this was downtown earlier today.. you can just about see two Finnish flags! The hard one to see is now flapping open..and is by the satellite dish. Click picture to enlarge!

PS. I am sorry this blog got left so late... I was listening to the 2008 Wimbledon Men's Final CONGRATULATIONS * NADAL * ON A HISTORIC WIN!