Thursday, July 3, 2008

HELLO BIG WIDE WORLD - Greetings from Lapland!

Welcome to my blogspot... So, you found me...LOL!

I aim to make this a fun place to share with you, a bit about me, my life and my business. Who am I? I am the "Arctic Rainbow" to many..... a bit of colour amongst the white snow!

I am 43 years of age, happily married to the love of my life. We have two teenage sons and we moved to the Lapland area of Finland four years ago, after following a long held dream. We are all British - no, I am not married to a Finn. This was a total life change!

My interests lie in the spiritual and pagan fields, it is of no surprise that I love, amongst other things...shamanic and symbolic products. The Lapland Noitarumpu drum of divination especially! What's that you say? LOL... well I want to shout to the WORLD about them. Its time for the whole world to know what they are!

Well.. you will have to come back to my blog tomorrow to find out...LOL.. but here is a sneak image for you....

See you tomorrow! (or Nähdään huomenna! in the Finnish)