Saturday, July 5, 2008

Windy Weather....

Last night I was speaking to my Mum on the phone... she lives in Bournemouth, a seaside town in the United Kingdom. Although I am in Finland, we talk twice a week, thanks to the wonders of Skype.

She asked me what the weather was like. (Funny how conversations ALWAYS seem to include the weather!) I said it had been a bit drab that day, but glorious the day before. 'We have terrible wind' she said... having a toilet humour giggle to herself. 'Well, you know what I mean!' she laughed. She went on to ask me if we had the same bad weather and I said no.

An hour or so after the conversation finished, I turned from my little comfy hidey hole that is my computer zone, poked my head outside and realised that we did now have the self same type of weather front. Since then its been quite blowy... and the tall, tall Pine trees - (of which there are many around me) - have all been fervently waving and chatting to each other!

So, the God of Wind has been here again... or in Laplands shamanic circles it is the divine work of the Tuulenjumala (Wind God), Tuulen = Wind and Jumala = God (or Tuulimies = Wind Man). In Saami he is Bieg'golmmai. He is believed to live in the rocks and precipices and can cause storms both on land and upon waters. Accordingly, he has his own symbol on the Noitarumpu!

In actual fact, there are a few different versions, dependant upon region. The Gods name is Ilma and he naturally governs the element Air, controlling the winds and thus the carriage and safety of travellers too! He is asked for blessings as a form of good luck too. His name literally translates as Air or Sky in the Finnish language.

He can be seen holding some type of weather machine and a beater or two shovel like tools that he wafts together to increase the winds! Naturally, he is a very powerful God!

This is my personal favourite design of his...available hand pyrographed on reindeer horn bracelets, necklaces and keyrings well as found on Noitarumpu!

Whilst writing this, the wind has calmed down somewhat...perhaps Ilma is saying he is happy that I have honoured his presence. :D