Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Honouring our Pets... Part II

Sorry that I've been on the missing list, for the last couple of weeks.. A combo of a bit of RSI of my hands from all the typing I do, compounded with a shoulder issue and just plain being busy! :D

We recently completed stage two of our pets grave work. We collected from numerous places, some of the local rocks that are covered with ancient Lichen. It gives such a lovely affect of green mottling on the grey and such character! We still have to create the headstone, but with the addition of a deeply recessed metal plant pot and a cemetery candle holder.. it is really beginning to come together and a truly special place and way to honour our darling pets, George, Arnie and Smokey.

It was a beautiful sunny day... but LOTS of mosquitoes.. who just happen to run Lapland like a dictatorship during the summer months!

I dug up one of the wild Heathers just nearby and placed it in the pot...in keeping with the surroundings..and I know it will last and come back again year on year...its ready made to cope with the weathers! :D

Although it's not totally finished yet, we are quite happy with the look of it so far...