Thursday, September 11, 2008

Autumn continues....

We have had some lovely bright days in the last week to ten days, I've just been too busy to share the pictures with you! Unfortunately, I havent gone far to be able to show you any other views, from other areas!

This was September 5th...Lovely and bright with a gorgeous blue sky!

See how the very tip of the tree is a vibrant yellow? Lovely..

The Puolukka berries were finally beginning to ripen then too..

These pics from the 7th, not such a vibrant day weather wise...but some colourful leaves instead...

The view from behind my kitchen.. I love it when those little trees turn this colour..

Its actually been REALLY hard to capture the colours properly with my digital camera... :( Its also been annoying to find so many mosquitoes still out there!
Still, at least on the 7th the Puolukka berries seemed a lot happier!

On the 8th, we had some Reindeer around.. A mum and a baby, just next to the house..but they dashed off into the forest quite quickly.. so the pics a bit small.

The Mum

The Baby - can you see it?

The 9th was another blue skied glorious day! So, I dashed out whilst I could to snap a few more pics...still, the colours are not quite right..but the blue sky is FAB!

And finally, a pic of the entry to the forest ground next to my place.

And the lovely colourful tree there...

Hyvää Syksyä kaikille! (Happy Autumn to all...)