Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Catching up..after internet problems...

Sorry that I've been on the missing list! I have had THE WORST internet connection problems over the last fortnight. There was one day recently where the whole of Finland was affected and since then, my connection has been intermittent at best!

Sonera (my provider - the equivalent to the UK's BT) said it was my modem...but that was checked twice, we also were loaned by a local shop, a BRAND NEW modem and that didnt work either! It was our line... but Oh no.. Sonera did zillions of 'ping tests' and refused to accept it was our line. And so, we have gone back and forth for days, arguing the toss with them. Each time we asked for an engineer, they said.. if the call out is unworthy then the cost to you is 85 euros. So, we covered every angle we could and eventually said.. well, its not the modem.. so bring it on!!!

Mark had a text to say that the Network Technician had looked from their end and found no fault..and miracle upon miracle at the same time he got the message, I checked the internet and lo and behold it was working again! Coincidence? I think not. Sonera still say there was no fault. (???) I've obviously been ringing them up out of sheer love for them then.. LOL... and as I keep saying to them.. 'Just because you havent found the fault - doesnt mean there isn't one!'.. its certainly intermittent...as even over the weekend, the skype online phone was on off on - in the middle of conversations! Most infurating.. so - again.. I apologise that my blogs not been here.. I hope it wont happen again.. (but Ive not counting any chickens!) I am amazed I got on line to do the last short blog.

OK.. so to catch up on just a few of the things that have happened since that all started..

Mabon, the lovely Pagan name for the Autumnal Equinox arrived on September 22nd. It brought me a great gift that Ive not seen for some while... Those of you that read this blog alot, probably know what I am referring to: Yes, the MOON! She is back!

It was a really cute waning crescent moon like this...

A Waning Crescent Moon is when the Moon view is over 22 days old.. but it doesnt get seen so much as it rises not long before the sun does...so that tells you that (as usual) I was up late.. :D

On the 23rd, the same day as the tragic shooting in a Finnish school... (SO SAD).. we had visitors.. a whole load of Reindeer... come to cheer me up a little..

Last Friday, the 26th of September.. we had SNOW!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that already? It was only light, but nevertheless it was there.. OMG... way too early for me! It laid a featherlight coating over the ground here and hung around for at least half of the day.. until Mother Nature remembered it was a fluke and went on her merry way again! Having said that we have had many frosty mornings since, roofs whiter than white, staying so for the majority of the day! "Talvi tulee" everyone is whispering..."Winter is coming"... and so it is. Quickly!

This image isnt mine, but it gives you the idea!!! Pretty, but Brrrrr.... :D

Okay, thats it for now.. I'll leave you with a few more local autumn pictures.. the trees are now virtually laid bare...

And my personal favourite that I took...

Oh.. and as you can see from the header picture...the Puolukka did make it to ripeness in time! :D