Monday, October 13, 2008

Baby Moose.. but not in Lapland!

Although this is not a Moose from Lapland.. I just couldn't resist adding this to my blog! This article got sent to me by a friend of mine in Canada.

Lots of cute pictures! Someone called Jonathon went for a walk up Falls Creek (near Nelson BC) and found a baby moose!

It was in some distress in the creek. He got him out of the creek, tried to send him on his way, tried to find the mother. Eventually the baby moose stumbled back into the creek, was rescued again and followed Jonathon home. Jonathon lives in a very small cabin, so he took the moose to another neighbour (Andrea Smith), who took these photos. (Notice Jonathon's wet sweatshirt!)

The person who sent this original email said that they had never even seen moose in that area, so was bewildered that a recently born moose would be on its own, way up a mountainous creek.

Anyway, they took the moose, the next day, to Helen Jamieson in Blewett - just outside Nelson, who looks after wild animals. She put it in a pen with a fawn.Isn't the moose calf/deer with the fawn so cute!

A nice story.. with a nice ending.