Wednesday, October 29, 2008

White snowy Lapland

Lapland is white again! :D

On Monday, (27th October) it started to snow.. it was evening time and we were driving home after going to the Post Office.

The snowflakes were HUGE! I mean REALLY HUGE, definitely the largest I've seen here EVER. They were all pretty much bigger than a 50p piece...and they were settling...rapidly!!

BIG snow..

I took this photo the following morning, just in case by the afternoon the snow had gone (as I suspected it might)...BUT it is still here....

The following morning, 28th October

The thing about the starting of winter in Lapland, is that it is a VERY fickle thing. Generally we get a snow, then a melt and then a rapid freeze...leading to lots of horrid clear or black/hidden ice that can be many inches thick! October is generally a month that I do not like for those reasons! I am paranoid about it actually, as the first year that I lived here, I slipped heavily and fell on the ice near the Post Office and broke my left elbow - NASTY!

This snow however, is NOT the first we have had this month.. our first snow was on the 9th October and surprised us by lasting the whole day.. not just a flurry and gone.. but after that it went rapidly! Fortunately it didn't turn to ice...

9th October's snow.....

((((What a difference from the Autumnal colour of September eh! LOL...))))

So, today I am pleased to say that the snow is still here and being added to...I hope that it continues going and doesn't stop-start again.. but with the global warming as it is.. I expect that it WILL... :( The long range forecast seems to offer a few days before there is risk of rain 30-40% chance - lets hope we dont get that though!

Tomorrows forecast for Finland - we are around where it is marked -2 temperature.

It all has a very loooonnnnnggg way to go though yet....until it looks like this! (Just how I love it!) This photo was taken in February and that is our friend Steve, who was visiting at the time!