Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Are you 'Following' me?

Some while back my site counter malfunctioned and I've not added the same one back, but gone for another type.

I know that there are many clicks here and more recently, several followers. I also know personally, of many readers that come at least once a week, but do not follow the blog 'officially'.

So, what does it mean to follow a blog?

It is not just about coming here to read every week or so, it's an easy way of bookmarking the blog and get updates when the blog is loaded. If you are a follower of the blog you will see a snippet and an update, when the blog is loaded, shown on your blogger dashboard.

Following is a great way to connect people and to create communities of like minded folk. So do take a minute to view this video on how to follow a blog.

Visitors can follow a 'Blogger' site blog by signing in via their Google, Yahoo, AOL, or even using an OpenID. Your profile appears on my blog, either shown publicly or privately. The advantage for me, is that I can also find (perhaps) some new blogs and websites to join by checking out the profiles of my followers. It is also good advertising!

Down the left handside of my blog are various gadgets. One is these is the 'Follow' gadget and it looks like this:

Eg; if you were to click the cat image on the Followers, you would see this:

Scrolling down Amel's text there and you would see her three blogs that she runs and the blogs she is following...

When you are a follower of a blog, you see this style of snippet update on your dashboard - with direct links to the blogs. This is mine:

So, why not start 'Following' my blog today?