Monday, March 2, 2009

Miss Suomi 2009 is crowned! Essi Pöysti

As a little girl I always loved the Miss World competitions. I'd even sit there with a pen and paper and mark them like a judge! LOL. I don't think there was EVER a time that I got it right. I remember vividly shouting at the television many times - 'but WHERE is Miss So-and-So?' who had been left on the shelf... Nice memories.. I loved all the glamour.

I was lucky enough, (((((many years ago))))) to win a beauty competition and was crowned Beaufort Queen, at my secondary school. I was in my third year of secondary. Great fun.. but that was as far as my beauty pageants ever went.. it wasn't really me. Fortunately I didn't have to do the swimsuit thing! Or I'd never have entered!

Miss Suomi 2009 was crowned yesterday, on Sunday night and is the lovely Essi Pöysti, who is 21 years old and single. She hails from Jyväskylä which is a lot further down south. She studies on an international education programme, as a children's specialist nurse. She enjoys working out, walking dogs and modelling. She is the first Miss Suomi to be judged by viewers votes. The jury of judges voted the two runners up as 1st Princess: 19 year saleswoman Elsi Suolasen and 2nd Princess Linda Wikstedt who is a 20 year old model.

There is a vote on one of the online papers for whom was your favourite..which I found interesting as the top two were correct, but third not. My favourite was actually 2nd. I think that she has lovely eyes. However, the winner is lovely too and has a nice shape!

I thought that I would share some links for you to watch. Of course they are speaking Finnish.. but some are funny. Especially the interview with two entrants in a sauna!

Here is Essi, with her two attendants. Elsi (2nd) to the left and Linda (3rd) to the right. It should be noted also that Essi is the first blonde winner for some time.

The first EVER Miss Finland was Ester Toivonen back in 1933. She was 'discovered' whilst working in a Bread shop believe it or not.. just prior to the competition. A stunning lady, she won the Miss Suomi at the age of 19 years, then went on to win Miss Europe which was held in Great Britain the next year. Later, she became a film star. She died in 1979.

The grandmother of this years winner is reported to have said 'We are happy, but at the same time, I fear what victory can mean'. I can understand that concern, but I sincerely hope that Essi, with her feet firmly grounded in nursing, will tread an even path. Good Luck to you Essi and Congratulations! ONNEA!