Friday, May 22, 2009

Nearly Five years have hopped by for me in Lapland...

I cannot believe it.. this time next week, it will be FIVE years since I made a life altering choice and moved from the U.K. to live in Lapland, Finland with my husband and two sons! Where does the time go?

Our boys have turned from young lads into young men here.. and most of the people that I know in the U.K. wouldn't recognise them. Every now and then, even I find myself surprised by the way they have grown up so much - now such handsome young men! The school term ends this week too.. our youngest will leave Aleksanteri Kenan Koulu (previously Jessiönrannankoulu) to move up to Ammattikoulu vocational college after the ten week summer holiday. His year is the first to graduate as AKK students and not JRK students. He is waiting to hear about his options having been accepted. Our elder son will be continuing his Datanomy course there.

They have had it quite tough in the last few years..but we are quite rightly proud of them both and their achievements..not least how they have coped with living here, coped with good times and bad, coped with the language and cultural differences.. even having just coped with the weather - cycling or walking to school in subzero temperatures as low as -30. On days lower than that they either had the day off (in the time before we had a car) or they got a lift there...because yes, the school is always open during term time!

As shown above little time ticker which lives at the bottom of my blog pages, has been ticking down (or actually, up) to the event for some while now... the design I chose, is quite appropriate!

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