Friday, January 1, 2010


So, it is here, it is all new, it is fresh, it is vibrant and full of hope. 2010.

Breathe a sigh of relief, 2009 is dead, defunct and sacked. :D

This is a new day, new month, new year, new decade. Goodbye to the decade of the 'Naughties'! :D My goodness where has a decade gone? I can still clearly remember bringing in the Millennium and all that went with it, the expected Millennium bug etc... Ten whole years.. gone.

My boys have grown up ten whole years, I have changed my life and my homestead and I sit here wondering where the next ten will take me and my family. I hope that they don't go so fast!

2009, if I am honest was not such a nice year for me. Well, it was a mixture of blessings and misfortunes. 2009 was the year where I worked for other people. I closed my AR business online and worked from the first week of the year till nearly the end of it. First at a local hotel, then at a relatively local Gold mine, in the office.

However, I lost two beautiful and irreplaceable friends in that year. Magick my beautiful black cat on my birthday (of all days..) and my dog Fluffy more recently. Someone said to me recently that odd numbered years do not fair so well for them....I will have to think more on that and see how it goes in future years too!

Remembered with so much Love:

Magick (image taken in 2006)

(image taken in 2008)

I was also saddened by the sudden death of Michael Jackson....whatever your side of the fence you are on regarding MJ, his musical talent is a huge loss. I know a lot of famous people die every year, along with millions non-famous... but still it is sad to lose some great artists. Goodbye also to Karl Malden, Molly Sugden, Edward Woodward, Patrick Swayze, Farrah Fawcett, Eartha Kitt, David Carradine, Bea Arthur, Pat Hingle (Commissioner Gordon in the old Batman films) Natasha Richardson and the darling Wendy Richard amongst others.

There were of course, good points of the year though... my Mum came to visit in the summer, Steve at Christmas, my younger son finding L.O.V.E with his girlfriend. Other than that I am pleased to say that we survived another year... and as they say in The Matrix. "We are still here and we are not afraid!" :D

So - what hopes of the fresh year? Well, naturally good health for our family and pets, extended family and friends - prosperity and growth in as many directions as possible. Mentally, physically and spiritually. I would hope that I can cut down on the cynical 'alien-moi' part to my life here, as it is very hard to be a non Finn here in this land.

I stood outside this evening with a glass of home made 'Baileys' Irish Cream in hand and said to myself that I was shedding any negativity and bitterness that was in 2009 and was opening myself up to draw in the fresh positivity of 2010. I stood there enjoying the snow falling on my head and the relative quiet that this area offers with intervals of gentle fireworks. Its the one time of year that we do have them! Still not manic though and just enjoyable.

Have you made a New Years Resolution? My husbands is to get back to fitness again... and mine? Mine is to increase the amount of recycling and upcycling I can, in my craft work. Yeah, yeah, going by my photo above (taken Christmas day and processed quite roughly in sepia on my new camera and not from a wholly flattering angle!) I know it should be a resolution to lose weight but I love craft and fiddling around making stuff.. and have been drawn more and more back to it than ever before. So maybe 2010 will be a really creative year for me. Who knows, I might lose some weight at the same time? (Oh.. was that a flying pig??)

Here is something I made earlier...and sent to my Mum as part of her present. It's a heart for her Christmas tree. I try to send her something for her tree every year. I made this from teased wool. Its a technique called Needlefelting which involves poking the wool into shape with a barbed needle. This took several hours to do - but it was worth it.

Hope you had a good New Years 2010 celebration.

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