Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day - Beltane - Hyvää Vapunpäivää

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, I hope you have had a great time!

My sons have gone off to Rovaniemi to be with the girlies for the it's full on carnival spirit this weekend in Finland. Vappu is one of the two main holidays in Finland. It is a celebration of Finnish Workers’ Day plus the celebration of Spring. With my boys away.. this is our first weekend alone for.. oooohhhh... twenty years??? LOL.. YIPPEE.... we can carnival too!

Spring is my favourite season. Having said that, I miss the colourful nature of a British Spring. Currently, here, the snows are gradually melting, the outside of my home is clear of snow.. but the playarea and the forest next to my house is full still. However, the snow that is still here, is changing in its density and so its not good to be on!

Having said that.. the snowfall is still coming ..on and off..even last night it snowed for a while, then turned to rain. (Fortunately rain is not something I see much of, so I didn't mind it so much!)

This is how it was.. (Yuck!)

Now it is all gone... (Yay!)

Daylight is increasing and very, very soon it will be 24 hour daylight again! It's a wonderful, yet strange phenomenon and it's already playing havoc with my sleep routines. It's getting dark-ish but even at midnight the sky is only a mid blue, not navy black. It is light again by 3.30am. So, not much night going on at all. It will not be long until the Moon and stars will not be visible at all.

Its a shame that I have to give up the celestial bodies to gain some sunlight and warmth! Oh well, such is life. Meteorological conditions here being what they are.... I am blessed.

I am now turning my face to the Sun and I am smiling at the rays of the future.....

Happy May Day! :D

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