Saturday, May 29, 2010

Off Topic - Wanted - English Arcus Arcanum Tarot Deck

Just on the off chance that one of the 'followers' on this blog can help, I thought I would mention here, that I am on the look out for this particular Tarot Deck. I missed out on it recently, only finding it after it was sold on a Finnish auction site for ten euros. Grrr.. bad timing... oh well.

The Arcus Arcanum Tarot is on the horrid old place E-Blah...BUT it is most often in the French or German versions and I want the English one. :D

So... IF you have it...and IF you are interesting in selling it... or you see it on sale somewhere.. please do let me know!

On the otherhand if any of you have the French or German versions and can convince me that they are still worth having (eg, if the booklet only is in the French/German but the cards have English headers)... then let me know about that too please!


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