Saturday, June 12, 2010

A sunny walk at 10.30pm

It's been a beautiful sunny and blue skied day today...(Saturday) with lots of lush green leaves catching the rays.... and it reminded me that I hadn't loaded these images on to the blog. It' actually 2.43am right now as I publish this blog and it is of course light still outside! :D I've got used to it over the years.. but it is a weird phenomenon really.

These pictures are actually from a walk out with our husky Dexter, one evening a couple of weeks back. I was hoping that I would be able to take some nice pictures of Reindeer, from the Reindeer farm near us, as Mark had said that they were all, (especially the young) in stalls, close to the path the night before... but sadly, when we got there, they were no where to be seen.. all the stalls were empty... :(

The time was 10.30pm.. yes 10.30 at night! Now, we are in the time of 24 hour daylight. Soon, at midsummer it will be the 'Land of the Midnight Sun' - all being well that is.. that the clouds don't roll in!

Anyway.. now it is even brighter at that time of night than it was then (two weeks back). but still, hopefully you will enjoy the pictures and see that right now... night is not night here in Lapland at all... :D

Walking with Dexter. This is the part of the forest that is immediately behind our home. Dexter just loves it! Even more so when its covered in snow of course!

The berries were just starting to come out and say "Hi, we're alive!"

This the tree that is home to some kind of bird of prey, Mark has seen and heard it a lot recently.

Can you see up's nest? I tried to zoom in on it.

There are of course zillions of trees out there...but I found this little twee one..and it was asking... "Is it Christmas yet?" So cute that tiny tree!

Past a little house and it's sheds...catching the sun.

Then we continued around toward the Reindeer Farm and followed the security border of the airport. (Yes, there is an airport at Sodankylä...really tiny and not for commercial aircraft fortunately. Blink and you miss it). One day, I will take some photos up there to show you how small it is. :D

I love this picture! I love how the sun got captured!

Past just one of many swamps... the bright sunlight was dying by now...drabbing down for only a short while, to come bouncing back with zest by 2am!

Back on the road... and on the way home...

An unfamiliar sight of advertising... the circus' annual visit. I have a friend who is going to that tomorrow - it's rather expensive apparently, 20-30 euros per adult, but fortunately as her child is under 3 the child goes for free. It will be interesting to hear what it was like.

Home again, Home again.. jiggedy jig!

(PS. Clapping season has commenced.. the mosquitoes are out in force!)

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