Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Finland's Weather Frog predicts....

Did you know that the Finns have an alternative to the Groundhog? :D
Finlands Froggie prognosticator is Professori Sammakko (also known as Taisto Heikkinen of Hyrynsalmi).

I recently discovered the Sammakko's pages.... and so far the Finnish folks froggie friend seems to be quite correct!! (She says whilst looking at a dour, grey, thoroughly wet and dreary summers day through the window...)

Professori Sammakko predicted a pretty good June (which it was) and Midsummer season. He is famous apparently for his often incomprehensible accurately weather forecasts!

The Frog said that June would be good, but that in July it would rain. (It rains as I write!) Throughout July, the air will apparently be good and not cold, but after the 10th it will rain for several days. (Here we go......)

August will be hot with some places seeing over 30 degrees centrigrade (HOORAY!) and most areas will be having 25 to 30 degrees. The berry season will be moderate or perhaps fairly good.

We shall have to see about the rest.... surely it cant be the same ALL over Finland!! :D

This is todays weather... oh yeah... GREAT... not.

If you want to find out more you will need to read Finnish or use the Google translator!

Oh and NOTE TO AMEL.. This is one frog you CAN'T eat! :D

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