Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Sauna - The Great Finnish Tradition!

The Sauna... one of the things Finns love most in life.

Pronounced Sorna in English, it is pronounced Sow-oo-na in Finnish (that is sow as in female pig btw!).

In Finland, the sauna is part of daily life.. literally from cradle to the grave. In days gone by, new life would be born there.. and often folk were taken there to die in older age.

It's a place of relaxation and peace. A place to chat and have a drink and socialise - whether with family or friends.

The savusauna or smoke sauna, plus the woodstove sauna is still popular, but most often families these days have an electric sauna. Most homes have a sauna as standard, even if it is a little small.. it will seat at least four people at a time. It is more unusual to be without one!

The sauna is a cultural heritage at its best. Documented for several hundreds of years at least..the sauna was in use at least once a week by Finns, when in much of Europe bathing was something to be done rarely or preferably not at all! These days the traditional sauna day is Saturday and families will sauna together.

If you would like to read more about sauna, there is also a Finnish Sauna Society!

If you are unable to enjoy a sauna at this time.. then maybe this will ease your pain for short while! This is a fun iPhone app available very inexpensively (just 0.79€!) and developed by ATK-tehdas Oy, a privately owned company in Lapland, focusing on creating software for fun. Never before has it been this easy to carry a sauna with you!

Enjoy the ancient Finnish sauna tradition with the Sauna App for iPhone. This unique display of Finnish craftsmanship has been carefully manufactured in Lapland using only the best raw materials and tools, including Sisu, tar and a Macbook. The Sauna App reproduces the blissful auditory experience of the Finnish sauna. Just close your eyes, relax, and throw some water on the stones.

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