Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day & Chinese New Year too!

In Finland, Valentines Day is Ystävänpäivä. That literally translates as Friends Day. It is not just for lovers, it is for all to embrace their shared friendships. That's rather nice but sadly there is no real separate day for Lovers.

In fact that is VERY Finnish, to my way of thinking! LOL.. Sorry, but the Finnish, especially the men, are not generally rated at the top of the Worlds Greatest Romantics - although I am sure there are many out there! (I know of at least ONE! - Do tell me if you have one!)

Hence I find it quite hard to get a real lovey dovey card for my husband.. I always end up making one. He does quite well with his card.. but its always a blank one, so that he can write what he wants to... (ahhh...bless him!)

HAPPY FRIENDS DAY! Have a good one! Virtual hugs to you!

By way of a small present from me, here is a pretty snowy image I took recently with my new camera! Taken outside my house, a close up shot through the trees. Enjoy!

Did you know that today is also the Chinese New Year? Can't be good for Chinese restaurants this year financially with both popular events on one day, they dip out a bit. Fortunately, the Chinese community does celebrate the New Year for FIFTEEN DAYS! :D Wow, that is some sort of celebration eh? Cool! So, I expect they will make up for it.

I hope it is an auspicious year for us all, Chinese or not!
Terveisiä Kiinalaisille! Onnea!

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