Monday, May 25, 2009

Countdown... 4.... and my Rowan Tree

Four Days...

Hooray...The trees are all beginning to unleash their leaves in Lapland!
My Rowan Tree is waking up!

Rowan is said to be derived from its old Norse name Raun, although it is possible that it might also be connected to the word for Rune. It is often used for making runes infact. It has many other nicknames taken from folklore, which include: Thor's helper (what a great name!) the Whispering tree, Quickbane, the Rune tree, the Wicken tree, variations of Wiggy, Wiky or Wiggin, Witch Wood etc.. and several more too. It's a lovely tree and there are many trees of Rowan around here, but I am SO glad there is one right outside MY house! A protective, magickal tree the Rowan is blessed with many traditions, handing down age old beliefs, that it offered protection from evil spirits.

Well, technically my Rowan is on the other side of my fence, but as there is just forest on the other side..I claim it and I love it!

Sadly, not only the trees are waking.. its been quite wet of late....and so the mosquitoes have been VERY happy to wake up too! :o

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